A Formal Introduction?

Hello there Initiates or soon to be followers!

I’ve decided to add the Blog section to the site after a long time debating with the voices in my head over it and having recurring inner turmoil.

It was quite a struggle.

However! I’ve overcome the great war of words and finally got round to adding this section here. On this corner, which most people don’t actually go to, I’ll be posting mainly on writing, yes, writing; a few people who have read my book (INITIATION in case you don’t know or stumbled upon this page through some shady internet wormholes) were interested in my writing process, structuring chapters and how I’ve created the characters, the Realm etc etc . . . you should know what I mean.

As for the schedule, however, I’ve not really thought about it yet. Though I’m quite sure I won’t be posting every single day nor will plan to post every single week. I do have a rather erratic mind and I often do things at random so if you want to be updated and notified, do go over to the top left corner where the THREE DOTS are and click on it.

You’ll be asked to go through the Initiation process. Do it. Because you know you want to.

Join us. We’ll give you imaginary steamed new robes. 100% cotton. And it’s black, great for all seasons.

Also, I’ll like to ask you all a favor. If you have any questions regarding writing or any topics you want me to cover, to hear my opinions and from my perspectives, do send them over through the “CONTACT” section up above or email me @ Cjblackinitiate@gmail.com. I’ll go through each email and choose the subject to cover whenever time allows me to do so.

And that pretty much wraps this post up. Hope to hear from you soon.


-C J