On Writing – The Beginning

The beginning is always the hardest don’t you think? A hurdle.

You have an idea in your head, a great story to tell,  but you don’t know where to begin or how to begin. Though I think for this part, if you’ve been writing for a while, it wouldn’t necessarily be a hurdle for you to jump over and get off to a good start. But I’ll discuss this anyway just in case you might be interested to know.

I, on the other hand, am someone who has never been majorly interested in writing back when I was in school. Apart from songwriting or writing up essays for the sake of examinations, I couldn’t be bothered to explore the creative avenue seriously. Needless to say, I was quite clueless when I first had the urge to start planning out my first manuscript back in December 2015, right after Christmas.

When I first wanted to explore writing, I had a gist of the story I wanted to tell and in my opinion, that one basic idea is the most important for it will be the catalyst for what’s to come after. So, you, I’m sure would have a basic knowledge of what’s your story will be about.

Write it down then slowly work on it.

For me, I did a brief outline in bullet form of what the main plot will be and what or who will be the source of conflict or motivation for the main character. All of those written down and stored away, though none of them were wholly detailed. I had no intention of going into details and toil away, writing everything down and saving the files in a folder.

Where’s the fun in that? Some writers may do this but not me. I’m simply leaving room for me to add things later on when I’m going about writing the chapters.

Flexibility is key. Working with a rigid structure may work but writing takes creativity and creativity often gets fueled by spontaneous ideas that would improve on the work . . . or possibly make it worse.

But hey, I’m untrained in writing nor do I have those glorious paper credentials to back me up, I’m just stating what works for me and give my thoughts on it as someone who has written a novel without much knowledge or prior experiences in the field.

To be honest, I feel that there’s no right or wrong approach to it; you just need to feel comfortable in what you’re doing and be confident when you’re going forward.

Once you have all the important key details down, be confident in your ability to tell your story. You may not be the best writer or someone with an enormous vocabulary or have the ability to create pretty sentences or use clever phrases but as long as you have the heart to write, you’ll be able to do it and to do it your way.

The takeaway from this is — don’t fuss over the details. Don’t stress yourself out before you even dive into actually writing the first chapter. Write down all that you have in mind and slowly and confidently work on it. Remember to be open and ready to learn as your writing journey progresses, expanding your story and building up the world and your characters.