On Writing – Main Character Creation

Aside from world building and devising an incredible plot for your story, creating characters will definitely be one of the best moments of your writing adventure. I know that well enough of course since I have created quite a few of characters for my own work.

However, do keep in mind that it’s very easy to overdo it and driving on the hype to create your characters itself can be a problem if you don’t steer it cautiously.

I think you might have come across the feeling of wanting your main character to have a certain look, attitude, and abilities and all the other stuff to compliment the character? I know I have. And it got me super ecstatic to create that specific fictional person for the story.

When I first created Ava Mara, the main character for “INITIATION” (well the whole of AVA & THE TRINITY actually . . .), I planned to give her everything; an independent nature, a fierce persona and all the tools and abilities to help her along the journey.

However, when I sat down one evening I asked myself whether it would be worthwhile writing such a character who is already quite complete. I asked myself whether I can do anything more for this type of character or would I be able to add something else to develop her further or would Ava be able to offer anything else to the story without the need to rely on her established personality and skillset.

And this is something you’ll have to sit and think about as well.

For me, the answer that I got was a resounding no.

With the plots that I have in mind, I found out that Ava would have very little if not, no room to grow at all and I would have very limited chance to fully explore her character, which in turn translated to close to zero character building. This eventually meant, she would not be a good fit for me as an aspiring writer who is trying to build up his writing.

Yes, it would have been easier to create this awesome ass-kicking type character, traversing through this dark world and write out all the badass scenes that involve her BUT to me, I wanted something more out of it; something that can help me grow along with Ava, my MC.

Of course, as you ponder on how to create your character, do know that you may have to feel comfortable in writing the character or things could get quite hard to get by further down the road. I’ll like to say that you’ll need to be able to “bond” with your character over time; imagine having an imaginary friend with you and you know the person well enough yet she’s still able to surprise you somehow.

Creating your main character does sound like a lot of fun but it does take quite a significant amount of work too if you want to create someone with a lot of depth who has tons to offer as you explore further into your story.

And to make things a little simpler, just ask yourselves the questions I’ve asked myself before(as mentioned above), really give a good thought on it and then do your best to build up your character.