Peculiar it may be in the eyes of others for someone to be enthusiastic about the inner workings of different kinds of magick and finding out the names of supernatural entities, C J finds it worthwhile to have that keen interest.

As a child, he has seen an actual exorcism take place in his own home one evening. Growing up in a religious household as well as having been exposed to different religious beliefs and pagan practices, C J has heard different accounts of otherworldly encounters and seen dark dealings and usage of magick. From a tender age and all the way to adulthood, C J has experienced his share of supernatural occurrences too and it has not taken him long to believe in the existence of those beyond the veil. Due to all of that, he has since been drawn towards anything that pertains to the occult.

Presently, C J researches about the Dark and the esoteric whenever he has time away from writing or the mundane daily activities. He regards himself as an Observer and seeks to gain more knowledge on the arcane and different beliefs.

And yes, he does have a black cat.