Release Date: 1st October 2017

“Ava Mara could not whisk away the scene of the murder from her mind; she did not understand why the assault had to take place then and there; she did not understand why a member of her family had to die in front of her.

Artifact? What the young man, the murderer, had demanded was foreign. No one in her family knew what he meant. What was it? Was that the reason why someone she knew and cared about had to die?

Despite the stupefaction and grief, Ava knew for sure she would not let the murderer off unpunished.
And ever since forcing her way in to question The Order Of Graves, Ava eventually learned that she had unknowingly been the Keeper of an Artifact; a relic from the Last War.

Adamant to track down the murderer and seek retribution, the impetuous Ava and the other individuals summoned by the Lady of the Manor headed South to start the hunt and put an end to the bloody murders. And as their mission progressed further, Ava realized that everything was not as black and white as it seemed to be.”

The INITIATES’ Experience:

A Review On Nerd Herders

“The story keeps you guessing what will happen next, and it is full of twists and turns.” – Celine

“Although this is a debut novel, the author presents us with a complex story, with many different sides and angles. There were enemies, friends and sometimes people who were somewhere in between so you never really knew who to trust or when to trust them.” – Dany

“I really enjoyed the plot of this story, and as a plot driven reader, a well-developed plot matters A LOT to me.” – Kari

“I adored each of the characters’ unique personalities, and how their characteristics contributed to the plot.” – Chloe

“If you don’t mind blood, violence and their graphic description, then by any means jump into Ava’s world.” – Rogue

Ava & the Trinity: Initiation